In Eurythmy one discovers the creative means necessary to nourish and replenish the source of our humanity. This art of movement connects with fundamental life processes. Every sound of the spoken word and all musical elements are expressed.
Our sources are found in the rhythms of nature; the arts; and the spiritual scientific concept of man and the universe.

Through movement, the Eurythmy artist has the possibility of expressing the living, moving images that come through poetry, prose, dramatic works and music.

The performer seeks through this new art of movement, the voice of Spirit and Man which speaks through the ages and on into the future.

Silke Sponheuera and Michelle Kaplan.

Centre for Creative Education – Kairos Eurythmy

Invitation to our Eurythmy Conference 2013!

What is Eurythmy


Kairos Eurythmy JHB – Soweto Theater – Cape Town -Tour Tour

Kairos Eurythmy European Tour -Hamburg, Hannover,  Alanus,  Hochschule, Dornach.

Kairos Eurythmy Graduation Ceremony 2013

Eurythmy Adult Classes – Cobie Roelvert

Eurythmy Senior Adult Classes – Cobie Roelvert

Eurythmy Therapy Training

Constantia Waldorf School – Eurythmy Poster


Southern Cross Eurythmy Therapy Training (SCETT)

Dr. Pieter Wildervanck: Lectures on the Human Organs and Typical South African Illnesses
Dr. Wildervanck, from the Ita Wegmann Clinic in Arlsheim, Switzerland will be giving lectures at the Southern Cross Eurythmy Therapy Training (SCETT).

These lectures are open to the public and you are warmly invited to attend.

Venue: Centre for Creative Education, 4 Victoria Road, Plumstead
Cost: R50 per lecture

1st lecture: Sunday 29th June at 5p.m. to 6.30p.m.
Thereafter: Monday 30th July to Saturday 5th June 9a.m. to 10.30a.m.
Monday 7th July to Wednesday 9th July 9a.m. to 10.30a.m.

For enquiries please contact:
Julia O’Leary at 021 794 8428 or 076 904 7632

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