“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who, of themselves are able to give purpose and direction to their lives” Rudolf Steiner

‘This new art of education is concerned with the possibilities latent in the whole being of man and reckons, at the same time, with the conditions of modern life. At the central point stands man- no longer a masculine being, or a creed, or a class, but man.
Our present age needs and is waiting for an education concerned with the universal-human element, arising from the necessities of the times, free from all distinctions of class, sex and creed, conscious only of the demands that modern life imposes on us.’

Marie Steiner (from the foreword of Education and modern spiritual life by R. Steiner)

Waldorf Schools:

‘Education should not be classed as a profession. Education in the truest sense is a calling. This entails devotion and sacrifice. We need to hear the call of the younger generations for a life that is worth living. Not to hear that call is to betray our holiest trust’
Francis Edmunds (From Renewing Education, selected writings on Steiner education)

The Federation of Waldorf Schools in Southern Africa :

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