Biodynamic Agriculture is an approach to sustainable organic agriculture that is inspired by the philosophy of Anthroposophy as developed by Rudolf Steiner in the late 19th-early 20th centuries in Europe. A series of 8 lectures by Rudolf Steiner, captured in a book called the Agricultural Course, formed the foundation out of which biodynamic agriculture was developed. This development is ongoing-truly “Farming for the Future”.

In the term “Biodynamic” the Bio refers to the biological (organic) aspects of agriculture i.e. the physical soil, water, plants, animals etc; whereas the Dynamic refers to the cosmic formative forces that underlie the physical world. Biodynamic agriculture respects the fact that the whole of the universe, i.e. the planet earth and the whole surrounding cosmic space with all its heavenly bodies, forms one indivisible whole and should be managed as such.

Biodynamic farmers use a range of specially formulated herbal and/or organic preparations to enhance soil, plant and animal life, fertility and vitality. They develop their farms into unique and distinct individualities that use a minimum of external inputs. Their aim is to produce the highest quality food, fiber and timber with no or very limited negative impact on the environment. In an effort to create a harmonious whole, the farmer works with the natural and cosmic cycles, rhythms and forces that regulate life on earth.

Rudolf Steiner’s Agricultural Course has been translated into Afrikaans by Dr. Helene de Villiers under the title ‘Lewenskraftige Boerdery’ and is available from the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Southern Africa. (BDAASA)

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Our Biodynamic Conference is from 2 – 6 July at the wonderful Camphill Hermanus

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