100 years

100 Years – Foundation Stone
First Goetheanum 1913 – 2013

It is almost 100 years since Rudolf Steiner, on 20 September 1913, laid the foundation stone for a building which was intended to serve Anthroposophy. This gesture constituted the beginning of a process which led to the institution of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum – with its specialist sections and 19-stage esoteric path – at Christmas 1923/1924. Rudolf Steiner described both the School of Spiritual Science and the esoteric path as the «soul» of the General Anthroposophical Society.

Work on the Goetheanum building began in 1913 and continued throughout the war years. Artists and volunteers from all European countries contributed. The building was designed as an international center for anthroposophical work and a place to stage Rudolf Steiner’s mystery plays. During this building period, various scientific and artistic institutions were founded nearby. Rudolf Steiner also designed other buildings for private homes and functional use. He lectured on anthroposophical and general topics for the building workers. Marie Steiner staged scenes from Goethe’s Faust and Eurythmy was developed further as a stage art. The previously internal work of the Society now becomes visible.

Celebration Labels – 100 years since the founding of the First Goetheanum

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