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From Wisdom to Love

From the research by Michael Grimley The Heart as an Organ of Cognition “The Age of Michael has dawned. Hearts are beginning to have thoughts; . . . Thoughts, which at the present time strive to grasp the Spiritual, must originate in hearts which beat for Michael as the fiery Prince of Thought in the Universe.” (1) – Rudolf Steiner Next year will introduce a period of seven years in preparation for the celebration of the Founding of the General Anthroposophical Society on Christmas Day 1923. But 2016 will also mark the centenary of one of the most significant spiritual scientific discoveries by Rudolf Steiner – that is, the direct relationship of the forces of the human soul and spirit to the three-fold system of the human body. Is there a relationship between it and the 1923 event of the laying of the Foundation Stone? According to his own account it took Rudolf Steiner thirty years of painstaking systematic spiritual scientific research to confirm the reality of this discovery as a fact of life. Only then did he feel ready to announce his findings to the world. Until his book, “The Riddle of the Soul” (2), appeared in 1917 the picture presented by the scientific world was that our faculties of thinking, feeling and willing were solely located in the nerve-sense system. Through Rudolf Steiner’s discovery a whole new dimension of understanding opened up concerning the relationship of soul and spirit to the body; particularly concerning the relationship of thinking, feeling and willing to the nerve-sense, vascular and metabolic-limb systems. A hundred years later this discovery still has yet to be embraced by the scientific establishment at large. In the meantime it has had huge impact on the development of anthroposophy and its practical application in the world. Through it the foundation of a revised anthropology was laid for renewing the arts of education and medicine. Without it, the laying of the Foundation Stone for the General Anthroposophical Society, and founding of the School of Spiritual Science might never have been possible. An example of how he applied this discovery to practical life is the series of foundation course lectures he gave to the first teachers of the Waldorf School in Stuttgart, preparatory to its opening on 7 September 1919 (3). In each of these morning lectures he presented in a comprehensive and synoptic way how soul and spirit interact … Continue reading

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Rudolf Steiner’s Christology

Rudolf Steiner’s Christology Rev. Malcolm Allsop gave a lecture to the Anthroposophical Group on Friday, 11th September. Although his talk was entitled Rudolf Steiner and Christianity Malcolm began by explaining the meaning of Christology. Christology is the study of Christ and everyone who makes a study of the Christ may have their own Christology. The lecture therefore was concerned with Rudolf Steiner’s study of the Christ, but not through a study of scripture as much as through his own study of Spiritual Science. Rudolf Steiner’s Christology can be divided into three time-spans: firstly the period up to the birth of Jesus; secondly the 33 years of the life of Jesus; and lastly the period after the Ascension. For many Christians their Christology spans only the period from the Conception to the Ascension and they view Christ as having sat at the right hand of God ever since. Malcolm firstly gave us some insights into the life of Rudolf Steiner, taken from Steiner’s autobiography, from the time he was a young boy up to the start of World War I, of the people, events and places that shaped and influenced him. Steiner had an inner experience at the end of the 19th century of “standing before the Mystery of Golgotha” that shaped his teaching in Berlin in the early part of the 20th century. Steiner made a significant remark that it is necessary to wrestle with the teachings of Nietzsche in order to bring Christianity into future centuries. Malcolm took Steiner’s Christology back to the separation of the Sun from the Earth. At this point a group of beings under the leadership of a Sublime Being left the Earth with the Sun and continued to guide the development of the Ego of the human being from the Sun. Steiner does not directly say that this Sublime Being is the Christ but the indication is very strong. During Lemuria the Christ worked through the guise of an Archangel teaching humanity uprightness. During Atlantis Christ taught humanity the ability to speak. Steiner tells us how in the post-Atlantean epochs the Christ drew ever closer to the Earth and worked through the spiritual leaders of each epoch – the Rishis, Zarathustra, etc. These spiritual leaders kept the teachings secret and shared them only with selected followers. The Druidic teachings prepared Ireland to receive the teachings of the Christ. The deed of Golgotha was a … Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela’s address Bongolethu Primary School

Nelson Mandela’s Address on 9 May 1996 at the Bongolethu Primary School Recorded by John Coates and transcribed by Noy Pullen In the early 1990’s people in search of employment and a better life for themselves and their children left their rural regions for the cities. Crowded squatter camps mushroomed overnight with no infrastructure and no provision for the education of their children. Concerned parents took the initiative and started informal schools run by untrained teachersin whatever kind of accommodation was at hand. John Coates, member of the Anthroposophical Society and known for his therapeutic work with puppets in the communities, together with other colleagues of Novalis Institute Community School Outreach programme, assisted teachers of these community schools with practical classroom activities flowing from Waldorf Education. One of these schools, Bongolethu Community School, was chosen as part of President Nelson Mandela’s project to renovate schools in need of urgent attention. Woolworths provided the funding for this renovation and President Nelson Mandela was invited to visit and address the school and the community on 9 May 1996. When Mr Mandela had taken his seat on the stage, and while he was being introduced, he was approached by one of his aides and immediately rose and left the stage. On returning to the stage after about 30 minutes, visibly angry and upset, he went straight to the podium and addressed the audience in Xhosa. Having greeted the dignitaries he spoke off the cuff. Then after some time he addressed the audience in English: I have just been called by Mr de Klerk, the second deputy president of the African National Congress, and he has announced that the National Party is going to pull out of the Government of National Unity as from 30th June this year. I thanked him for his contribution. But the ANC is supremely confident that we are going to carry the government of this country. We were generous because we wanted this transformation to be smooth and peaceful. We wanted to build national unity and to promote the spirit of reconciliation. We have done that. We wanted to continue with that until 1999, not after. But the National Party has decided to step out. But what I was saying was that in the election of 1994 the Inkatha Freedom Party polled at 10% of the total votes cast in the election and in terms of the interim constitution … Continue reading

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