9 – 11 March. Hillcrest, KZN

Isis-Sophia in relation to the Initiation in the Michaelic Mystery

“Woman, see, that is your Son… Son, see, that is your Mother”
We will look at how the source and stream of the archetypal feminine wisdom directs and connects with the path of the modern mysteries and how we get to know our own relationship to this connection as well as how to truly meet the other.

The Conference will explore this theme through contributions, conversations and artistic activities.

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The Anthroposophical Society

The Anthroposophical Society is a union of human beings who desire to further the life of the soul — both in the individual and in human society — on the basis of a true knowledge of the Spiritual World. The Anthroposophical Society is an entirely public organisation, and in no sense a secret society. Without distinction of nationality, social standing, religion, scientific or artistic conviction, any person feeling the existence of such an institution as the School of Spiritual Science — the Goetheanum in Dornach — to be justified, can become a member of the Society. The Anthroposophical Society is averse to any kind of sectarian tendency. Politics it does not consider to be among its tasks.

Statutes of the Anthroposophical Society

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Society in the Western Cape Newsletter April Edition – 2017

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